Small portion plates

Do you have small menu items you like to serve at the house like appetizers, bread, crackers, dips, or single servings of pie then our small plates offer you all the style you need to enjoy that company you have over at the house. We guarantee you that your guests or relatives will be leaving you compliments on the dishes they’re using.

Each ceramic plate is crafted with the same four hands that have been making them for years. So you know each one is completely different, unique, and has its own story to be shared. We mold every single plate that is ordered by hand and each plate has different ridges, indentations, and finishes, unlike the rest that is made. Because we care so much about family values and togetherness we wanted to design something for those same people that hold family and friends number one over everything. We care about the individuals that are involved in our lives only to make it better so we thought we’d return the favor by giving you something truly memorable that can be used in the family for decades to come!

They come available in different stunning designs that are great for any season of the year. Whether Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, our appetizer plates gives you that extra boost of fashion and class that makes meals feel fancier than usual. You can even place them in a display case for everyone to see or hand them up on your walls or even use them as candle holders. However you decide to use our mini plates they’ll be spicing things up with a bit more luxury than you’re used to. 

Using high-quality ceramic material we shape, mold, and crafted every single plate by hand so they remain authentic to the touch. We wanted to give you something more heartfelt and warming than the typical machine-made dishes you’ll find in retail stores. What makes us different from every other dish designer is that we put our family values first above anything else. We care deep down about sharing memorable experiences with the ones we call family. Family is a blessing and there’s not a more sacred time to enjoy their company than when you’re at the dinner table. That’s where memories are made, laughter is heard, and embarrassing stores are shared so next time you decide to eat dinner with the family make sure you use stoneware plates to go along with that family bonding.

Coming from a smaller shop we take the time needed to ensure every plate that is ordered comes out more artistic than the one before. We are not only passionate about our pottery creations but we enjoy our time together making something for families that will help them strengthen that loving bond even more. Make it a romantic evening with a significant other, invite your close friends over for a dinner party, or liven things up for the whole family to enjoy. Either way, with our appetizer plates we know you’ll be dining in luxury with fine company every time!