Dinnerware Set of Dinner plate and Dessert plate

Introducing the best dual combination of dishes to eat all of your family meals, our dinner and dessert plates are a genuinely handcrafted set with beautiful artistic designs that makes every dinner table feel a bit more lively than usual.

Our fruit bowls may appear a bit more elegant than the typical dishes you’d see on the market and that’s because each one is completely original, hand-painted, and molded by the same four hands that have been doing it for years. We are proud to say that it’s only the two of us that create every single bowl and plate that is ordered. Because unlike other mass-produced dishes you’d find from other retailers ours are 100% handmade, original, and purely authentic. You can even see the shape of our hands molded on the ceramics which gives them an added layer of homemade charm. Now every time you make that signature home-cooked meal for the family it’s going to look extra delicious with a five-star quality appeal to it.

You don’t have to just use these rice bowls for special occasions and events at your home as they were meant to be enjoyed on a daily basis with everything you cook up. We didn’t want to limit you on how often you could use these plates so you can have fun serving all kinds of meals on these plates and bowls to your family. 

This dinner and dessert plate combination of mixing bowls is just what you need to serve those homemade pies, cakes, danishes, and meats like chicken, steak, brisket, or even a salad. Now you can eat a full course meal and have all the dishes you need to make a beautiful meal presentation that the whole family can appreciate. The size of these plates gives you amazing versatility on what you can serve so you don’t have to buy a variety of different plates for different kinds of meals and occasions.

We make every single plate and pasta bowl by hand as soon as the order comes in. We don’t use a warehouse where you’d find old plates and bowls sit gathering dust waiting to be shipped out. No, we take every order on personally, by hand, and with all the care in the world to ensure you a quality delivery you can be proud of. Large retailers aren’t thinking of you when making their dishes, just the bottom line and that’s where we are different. Our goal is not to just make money but to give every customer something special they can use with their family for a lifetime.

Now you can make the dinner table a bit more homely and full of warmth like never before. The stunning designs we created all our bowls and plates with were also done by hand in a charming fashion that seems to make everyone smile just a bit more when using them.