Medium-sized bowls

If you’re looking for a way to place all that fruit you like to buy every week then our fruit bowls can help you carry those tasty earth-grown delicacies in a stylish manner that adds some fashion to your kitchen space. Our mixing bowls are not only great for placing fresh produce but they can be used for serving salads, pasta, or big portion soups with tasty veggies in them. You can use our medium bowls for just about anything you cook up as they’re spacious enough to fit a wide sort of meals with plenty of room to spare. 

We are proud to say that every single serving bowl we craft is made by the same four hands that have been making them for years. We aren’t a fan of machinery or streamlined processes of making ceramics. Where is the authenticity in that? That is where the fun is for us as we truly enjoy the process of making ceramic bowls and plates for you to eat off of. It is our deep passion to make, shape, mold, and craft these ceramics by hand. It is our therapy, our art, our release, and a way to spend time together, the same way we hope you and your family do at the dinner table. You can feel the our hands imprint on these medium bowls when you run your hand over them. Not one ceramic bowl is the same which makes them special and unique to every family that orders one. Every decorative bowl has its own memories to make with you and now when you bring the family together at the dinner table things will be more memorable than before.

Our ceramic bowls come in different stunning designs that create a certain atmosphere around the dinner table that just seems to make everyone smile a bit more than usual. We wanted to create something that evokes a warm, cheery environment you and the family can get together around for a great meal. Fruit bowls come in light and dark tones with different stylish details that are also added by hand. The different styles can go well with the rest of your dining table set depending on the certain style you have decorated it with. There’s definately something for every family to enjoy.

So if you were looking to add some style with meaning to your dining experience you won’t be disappointed in the authenticity of our ceramic bowls. They bring you a secure level of durability and a unique exotic appeal that will draw the attention of all your guests that you have over for dinner. They’re built with four hands that you can trust and ones that care about your families well being and togetherness more than any other retailer. You won’t find another ceramic duo like us that creates authenticly crafted special pieces with the idea of family and friends coming first before anything else. So thank you for visiting our collection and we know you’ll find the right serving bowls you’re looking to add to the kitchen!