Large plates

Our Large Serving Plate is just the thing you need to serve your guests a taste ensemble of fruit, cheese and crackers, pie, cake, or muffins in a beautifully decorative manner that leaves everyone feeling a bit more cheery than before. This large piece stands on three short legs for stability and added charm that gives you a more unique look around the kitchen. 

Even though this piece is glossy, completely unique, and full of elegance you can use it every day and not just special occasions. You can place any kind of snack or shared appetizer on the platter every day you cook up something tasty the family will love. But if you do decide to invite the family and friends over for a Christmas meal, Thanksgiving dinner, or any other special occasion then these Large Serving Platters will leave your guest mesmerized in awe regardless. They’re great options for daily use and special events where you’re looking to impress a few people.

One thing about our serving platters that makes them uniquely different from everything else you’d find from large retailers is that ours are made when you order them. We make them for you and only you to enjoy so its something that stays special for your family. Not one of our ceramics ever come out the same as the last. Although we do our very best to make them perfect they never really come out that way but that’s the charm to them. You can see and feel the imprints of our hands on the platters so you know our hands have been there four hours molding and shaping these ceramics. 

Aside from our passion for ceramic creations we love spending time with family and friends that mean the world to us. We believe that a family dinner table is a sacred place in every household and should be enjoyed with those we love dearly. Our homemade platters give you a homely vibe that sets the dinner table up with a loving family charm that sets a great atmosphere. So now you can dine together creating new memories with the aid of something that makes the dinner environment much more inviting and loving. 

Not only do these serving bowls give you tremendous space to serve a variety of meals to your family but the stunning, homemade element to it encourages you to eat healthier, buy quality ingredients, and present your meals with more attention and care. These plates are special and bind families together with their homemade charm that we worked so hard to craft.

It is through our passion for both ceramics and family that we created our platters for you to use in the kitchen with your own family. We hope you have fun serving all kinds of meals, snacks, and appetizers to your guests and loved ones as much as we did making them for you. So introduce a little homely charm to your cooked meals with our Large Serving Plate and your family ties will only grow stronger!