Handmade plates

Nothing brings a family together more than a great meal for dinner. That’s why we believe every dish you enjoy should be with something as loving and memorable as the times you have with your family. We carefully craft every single dinner plate by hand with zero assistance from machines or assistants. Each plate has been molded and shaped by our hands so every dish is different and completely unique.

There are a wide variety of dishes to choose from that can be used for different occasions and times of the year. You can pick either large plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, and small plates to dine off of. So whether you’re serving a single slice of pie to company, looking for somewhere to place that freshly baked turkey, or need something for that signature stuffing grandma is always cooking during the holidays, our decorative plates give you everything you need to enjoy the occasion.

Eating meals with family and friends has always been a sacred tradition so why wouldn’t you make the experience more memorable than before? We have a passion for conversations with dinner guests and providing them a great time that they can look back on and smile. Each of our ceramic plates has its own unique theme that introduces an elegant touch of fashion and warm heartfelt vibes that brings smiles to everyone at the dinner table.

Now you can be crowned host of the year when using our handmade ceramic plates.

A combination of elegant fashion and hard work in our shop gives every plate an authentic touch decor that cannot be replicated. We make our plates using our very own unique process and painting so each plate comes out as artistic as we can make it! They can not only be used as dinner plates to eat your food but if you want something more unique to decorate your living interior then these plates will easily add some charm to your abode. Place them on a china cabinet or any display in your house and things will be popping with cheery joy a bit more than usual.

You can even make the environment around the holidays feel much more festive than years before. The different color paints and detailed design we add to each dish gives them a stunning look that fits right in with the holiday meals you’re serving up. 

Gather the family around the table, share stories, past the salad, and finish things off with a delicious cherry pie on our charger plates for an instant fashion impact that somehow makes each meal taste better!

The wide variety of sizes gives you different options to serve all your specialty meals. You don’t have to worry about not finding a plate big or small enough as we create them in all sizes so no part of your delicious entree has to be missed. Cook any meal, appetizer, or meat and have it served on one of our various sized dinner plates for new experiences that won’t be forgotten!